Terms & Conditions

LV Premier Apartments is an independent provider of quality Holiday/Vacation homes.

LV Premier Apartments/ Villas is an independent provider of quality Holiday/Vacation Rentals. By booking a LV Premier property you are agreeing to the following:


  1. Contract – you are entering a contract for a short-term rental, for the period agreed. The property can only be occupied during this period, at the end of which you will vacate the premises and return the keys. No commercial activities/filming/parties are to take place without LV Premier ’s permission.
  2. Habitability – If property is rendered inhabitable after your arrival, LV Premier will make best efforts to find you a similar accommodation. If that is not possible, we will refund the cost of the days that you were not able to occupy the property. If the apartment is inhabitable prior to your arrival, we will assist you in booking alternative properties. We will be liable for the amounts that you actually paid us.
  3. Security deposit– LV Premier requires a security deposit for all rentals, to be used in the event of damages, smoking, disturbances or lost keys (regrettably missing keys require that we change the locks plus all existing keys and frequently exceed 170 euro- this will be charged to your deposit should the keys be missing). If there is damage and it exceeds the deposit, we will pursue all legal means to recover damages. Theft will be reported to the authorities of Portugal and your home country.   The cost of your stay DOES NOT include the deposit.  The deposit shall not be applied to payment of optional services.  AirBnb/ Plum and Tripadvisor manage the security deposit for their reservations.   For all other reservations, the Damages/ Security deposit is paid by you via the personalized booking page/app- and takes the form of a pre-authorization which expires 7 days after the transaction date.   If your departure date is 6 days or less from the transaction date, we may cancel the pre-authorization after verification of the apartment or let it expire.  Cancellation of preauthorization or expiration- will not result in a charge to your card nor a refund (i.e. you will not see it in your credit card statement).  If your departure is more than 6 days after you pay the damages deposit, we will convert the pre-authorization into a normal charge. In this case, it will be refunded after verification and completion of the cleaning of the property upon your departure. It may take up to 7 days to be credited to your account depending on the bank/card. In this case you will see a charge and then a refund.  If the damages deposit is pre- authorized via a physical terminal on arrival, the refund may take up to 3-4 weeks depending on your card and country of issuance.
  4. Tourist tax– is not included in the cost of stay. Lisbon, Porto and other municipalities require that all lodging establishments collect a tourist tax from travelers on their behalf. This should be paid in cash
  5. Cancellation policy – Bookings via third parties – Site cancellation policy applies before LV Premier. Non-refundable rates- there is no refund in the event of a cancellation.  For other rates, and apartment has 3 bedrooms or less, a full refund will be made  for cancellations up to 5 days prior to arrival; if apartment is larger, a full refund will be done for cancellations up to 14 days prior to arrival.
  6. Payment – You agree to pay the full amount contracted for our services when making a reservation with us. Check-in/key exchange only possible if cost of the stay is paid in full before or at check-in. We accept credit cards and cash on arrival. Please note: Security deposit and taxes – if paid by credit card, a 3% surcharge may apply
  7. Authorized check in- The person that booked the property or people specifically authorized by the booker must be present at check-in.
  8. Reaching you – From time to time, LV Premier runs promotional campaigns in its properties, and you agree to receive the first communication. You can opt out of any communications by telling us so. Your data will not be used in any other way.
  9. Behavior/Noise – Guests must not engage in activities against any law or health policy. You must not disturb neighbors and agree to keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 22:30h and 8:00h. In the event of complaints, or if the police are called due to noise, the rental will be terminated immediately, you will have to abandon the property and no refund will be issued. We will refuse check in to guests under the influence of alcohol/drugs and no refunds will be made. Additional fees from security deposit will be charged in case of noise/ disturbances.
  10. Windows/ Balcony/ Terrace/Pool – No objects of any kind are to be thrown out to the outside from the apartment/house.  That includes, but it is not limited to, cigarette butts.  We have specific instructions for the safe and correct use of the pool where applicable.  No diving is allowed at any of the pools. Terraces should not be used between 22:30h and 8:00h.
  11. Trash– trash is to be disposed off in the dedicated areas. All apartments have a communal trash area where the bins are located. Recycling containers are available within reach of the apartments. Kindly try to leave the apartment as tidy as you can to facilitate the check-out process.  There is no trash collection on Sundays.
  12. Fair usage of Heaters and AC – we strive to offer you the best prices for quality holiday homes. To support that effort, you agree to turn off the AC/Air Conditioning units and heaters when you are not in the property and keep windows closed when running the appliances. Please be mindful of higher energy prices in Portugal as compared to north Europe and US/Asia.
  13. Smoking – All properties are strictly non-smoking including balconies, terraces etc. Where evidence of smoking is present, an additional cleaning fee of 175 EURO will apply. In apartment BI1/ GR1 smoking is allowed in the outdoor terrace.
  14. Equipment- Unless instructed to do so by LV Premier representatives, guests are not to try to fix any malfunctions, change settings on boilers or do anything that may cause equipment malfunction. In case of doubt, call us.
  15. The Portuguese Foreigners and Borders service (SEF) requires that all non-Portuguese travelers provide personal information when sojourning in Portugal. You must provide that information no later than day of check in. LV Premier cannot host guests without compliance to this legal requirement.
  16. Check-in – Standard check-in is at 15H (16H for villas and TR1) or later- at a time agreed with LV Premier. We may be able to check you in earlier (inquire). On arrival at the pre-arranged hour, please ring the bell, and make your way to the floor indicated. A LV Premier representative will greet you and complete the check in. If a self check in was arranged, the electronic keys will not function prior to standard (15H) or agreed check in time. Please do not ring the unit bell prior to that time in order not to disturb other guests.
  17. Check-out– Standard check-out is by 11:00h  (10am for TR1). Please ensure that the apartment is tidy, reasonably clean and linen/towels are in the rooms where you found them. For self check out, kindly turn off all appliances (including AC) and leave keys in the living room table.
  18. Delays – PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OF ANY DELAYS ON AGREED MEETING TIMES (for example if your flight is being delayed on departure, text/call us before the plane takes off). Recall that we will go to the apartment on purpose to meet you. If you have a delay of more than 45 min, and did not tell us in a timely fashion, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee AND leave the apartment.  On that case, you must call us when you arrive, so we go back to the apartment to check you in
  19. Fire – in the event of a fire, please call immediately 112, and ask INCÊNDIO and give the address. If it is a minor fire, and you can extinguish it without putting yourself in danger, please do so (extinguishers and fire blankets available in all properties). In any case, ensure that you have easy access to the stairs to abandon the building should you need to do so. Close all doors. DO NOT use the elevators. Do not try to carry belongings. Please call us at your earliest convenience.
  20. Number of Guests/ Occupation– The lead guest must provide number and age of guests when making a reservation. Only registered guests – per reservation details- are allowed in the house at any time.  If more people than contracted stay in the property, the charge per guest night will be applied to all nights of the reservation, independently of the number of nights that guests report staying.
  21. Liability– LV Premier and apartment owners shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a consequence of the use of the apartment by the guests, including, damages, insurance, robbery, criminal behavior, inappropriate use of equipment for the elderly/handicapped or lack of children safety features. Guests traveling with children are responsible to ensure that the said children are supervised at all times and kept away from any danger.
  22. Pet Friendly – we operate a number of pet friendly properties.  This is limited to well behaved dogs/cats not exceeding 50lbs/25kg and subject to a non-refundable additional Euro 25 cleaning fee. Must be requested in advance.
  23. Car Parking/ EV charging – LV Premier properties do not include parking unless specifically noted. We recommend caution when parking on street, and ensuring you read the signs. A few properties have a charger for electric vehicles.  This is charged at prevailing rates from our electricity provider.  You must not connect your own charger to the house outlets to avoid damaging the electric system
  24. LV Premier will not store credit card details. We do not share customer details with any third parties.
  25. LV Premier Apartments and LisboaVacation are brands of Alvorada dos Sentidos Unipessoal Lda, incorporated in Portugal under NIF 510926363 and regulated by Portuguese law.   Our office is located in Rua do Carmo 43, 3A in Lisbon. Our main number is +351 211 335 743. Our company address is Rua da Prata 121, 4C, 1100-415 Lisboa.