Good to Know – Preparing for your stay

Key Information- Please read the below to prepare for your stay.

A- Before Arrival

  • Read confirmation/ Instructions letter
  • Confirm details as soon as possible; At a minimum we need to have:
    • Preferred arrival/ departure times (plus flight numbers/ landing time/ Train arrival time)
    • Most bedrooms can be made with single or double/king size beds– let us know your preference
    • Confirm your email and mailing address (most agencies hide email addresses and often emails do not reach us/guests)
    • Traveling with children? Request one baby cot & high chair free of charge when you reserve
    • If you need beach towels, umbrellas- we can provide those to you at a small charge, but they need to be reserved before arrival
  • Fill in the guests data required by Portuguese authorities in our booking app
  • Familiarize yourself with map of the area that has been sent to you
  • If the person making the reservation is not present for check in, we need to receive an email authorization with name of person checking in
  • Have he correct address handy  (Portuguese addresses typically have a number after the street name, followed by a comma and a number and a letter denoting floor and apartment number  (e.g. rua do Carmo 43, 3D-  street is rua do Carmo; building number is 43; 3rd floor, apartment D or Dto)
  • Balance due? You can prepay as per instructions letter. On arrival, albeit cash is preferred, we  accept credit cards.
  • Arriving by Air
    • Taxi– the stands right outside the arrivals halls of Lisbon and Porto. A cab ride for up to 4 should not exceed 14-16 euros for all the apartments in Lisbon – and it generally takes 20-30 minutes.  In Porto the ride into town costs about 25-30 euro. Uber is also an option
    • Metro – the stations are located right outside the arrivals halls and are well signed. You can buy a rechargeable card at the machines. Each trip is approx 1-2 euros
  • Arriving by Train
    • all international/intercity train stations are linked to the metro and have taxi stands.
    • In Lisbon most trains that stop at Oriente, continue on to Santa Apolonia station, which is closer to all of the apartments and will save you on the taxi ride.
    • The main terminal in Porto is Campanhā, and there is a local connection to Sao Bento station though moost people find it quicker to take the metro.
  • Arriving by Road
    • enter the apartment address on Google maps for quickest way there (note that CR-Correeiros and CH apartments are located on pedestrian streets and car access is only possible until 10am)

B- Day of arrival

  • Standard check in is at 15H (16H for GR1/LA/GA). Of course we can welcome you later (or sooner if possible) at an agreed time.
  • Arriving before 15H and apartment is not available?-  There are a number of luggage lockers at main railway stations (e.g. Lisbon – Rossio, Porto- São Bento) and some private venues (e.g. Lisbon parking garages of Praca da Figueira and Martim Moniz and google for additional companies). Our office in rua do Carmo 43 in Lisbon can also be used for bag storage 10-18H weekdays
  • Let us know of any delays to agreed arrival time at least with 2-3 hours notice to avoid additional charges
  • Fill in the pre arrival check in Guest Information/ SEF info as requested per Portuguese law
  • At the building PLEASE RING THE BELL/INTERCOM BUTTON FOR THE APARTMENT.  A LV Premier guest manager will be expecting you INSIDE the apartment.  After they buzz you in, make your way to the apartment (elevator/ stairs). If a self check in was arranged, please follow the instructions sent by email.
  • Payments on arrival-  CASH preferred, major credit cards accepted. You can not check in without payment of all amounts outstanding
  • At check in- we will show key features of the apartment, verify your identity, take a picture of your ID document (which will be erased on the day of your check out) and answer any questions you may have. We will provide you with key sets and complete a check-in page
  • Standard check out is at 11H or earlier– at an agreed time.  Confirm desired departure times for us to meet at check out. Guaranteed Late Check Out options when available- need to be agreed/ paid for more than 36h before departure. Let us know if you want us to call a taxi for your departure day
  • We offer free WIFI in all apartments. Most essentials- hair dryer, bed sheets and bath towels, ironing board and iron, kitchen utensils etc are standard and provided free of charge. Check the apartment amenities for details

C- Your stay

  • We wish you a pleasant stay
  • Please be contactable- we need one working phone number for the group.
  • Respect the neighbors (refrain from making any noise between 22:30H and 08:00H, and using outdoor spaces after 11pm). If neighbors are complain, we have the right to terminate the rental agreement without reimbursement.
  • Waste/Trash– please follow the instructions for safe disposal of trash (most cases no trash is to be discarded Sunday nights as there is no collection).  If possible discard bottles and bulky items
  • Usage of AC and Heaters- avoid wasteful utilization (i.e. turn off units when not home, and do not operate with open windows)
  • If anything malfunctions– please call your LV Premier guest manager who will be able to assist you. Do not try to repair anything unless instructed to do so
  • Apartment Security– All our apartments are in safe areas of the city. However, we recommend that you always lock the doors, and keep balconies and terraces entrances locked when not in the apartment. Building doors need to be kept closed.
  • Fire Security– all apartments are equipped with fire/ CO alarms, fire blankets and extinguishers.  In the event of a fire that you can not control, call 112, and let us know as soon as possible
  • If you go to the beach do not take apartment bath towels as they get damaged.
  • General Safety– be careful not to leave valuables in esplanades/ open-air café and restaurants. Mind your belongings especially when getting on or off trams.

D- Your departure/ Check out

  • Check outs – You can not stay in the apartment after 11am unless a late check out has been arranged and paid for.  Please let us know your departure time. Leave all keys on the dining table, double check that all remotes are in the unit, leave the windows open unless it is raining and close the door.
  • The apartment will need to be reasonably tidy. Damage deposits will be processed within 72h from departure by us or your agency as per their timelines (AirBnb, TripAdvisor)
  • Please leave all linen and towels in the bedrooms where they were originally (bedrooms or bathroom)
  • Let us know of any breakages/issues with the apartment, so we have a chance to address it before the next set of guests arrive
  • Double check if you leave things behind – of course we can mail forgotten items to you but we will need to pass postage costs to you
  • You can provide feedback/ suggestions  directly to the central team  at or via office phone

E- After departure

  • Do write a review. It helps fellow travelers and us.  You can do it on the site where you made the reservation or in our site/ TripAdvisor
  • Like our Facebook page- the intent is to have a very interactive medium where guests can exchange views, tips on what to do and not to do etc. Use the page and spread the word.
  • Come back! Returning guests and their friends have 10% discount on direct reservations – just remind us when making the reservation