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COVID 19 and your stay at LVPremier

COVID 19 and your stay-  this is what you need to know…

Please read our COVID-19 Supplementary Information for Guests below. This is for the safety of everyone: you and your family, but also the health and safety of our staff and their families, as well as of other guests.

Government Guidance/ Rules:  Check here for the latest guidance

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Cleaning and disinfection

  • To ensure correct cleaning and disinfection, we are not accepting early check-in or late check-out (unless property is not rented the night before or you decide to purchase the extra night). This means that the property must be vacated no later than 10:45 am on the day of your departure, and will only be able to check in after 3:30 pm on the day of your entry.
  • On the day of your check-out, we ask you to leave the windows open for circulation / air renewal unless it is raining or rain is forecast.
  • All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with bleach or alcohol based products, paying special attention to areas of frequent touch such as surfaces, door handles, switches, TV controls, AC controls, keys, etc.
  • Our mattresses and bed pillows have covers that are changed frequently and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide solution each time there is a check-out.
  • All bed sheets and towels are washed and dried at high temperatures.
  • Curtains, sofas and other fabric items are disinfected with a fabric-specific disinfectant spray.
  • All AC units are cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Preparing your trip

  • We strongly advise you to purchase Travel Insurance to cover any cancellations or interruptions to your travel schedule.  One of the options available is
  • All guests must bring face masks. In Portugal, all indoor public places require the use of a mask.
  • Check-in cannot take place in absence of adequate face protection for guests and staff. Every guest is required to have a face mask on, during check in. If a guest does not have a mask one will be provided at a nominal cost of 1 € / mask.
  • As Portuguese law mandates that we identify and report all suspected cases to the national authorities, it is mandatory that at least one of the guests in the group have a working phone in Portugal. In case of suspected contamination, we have an active protocol and we will be here to help you in whatever way possible.
  • Luggage storage is limited until further notice. Let us know if you need this service, and should we accept to hold your bags they will need to be disinfected on arrival to prevent potential cross contamination.


Upon check-in

  • Our check-ins are face-to-face, with appropriate distances and always complying with the security protocols. Should you prefer self check in please contact us to arrange for this.
  • As before, any changes to agreed check in time should be communicated as soon as possible to avoid waiting on either part.
  • For guest and staff’s protection, handshakes or other greetings that imply physical contact are not allowed.
  • The registration of all guests must be done in advance by filling in the form sent out for that purpose. The tourist tax should be paid in cash on arrival (or card +3%). Please try to have the right amount of money to avoid change.
  • You will find an “Apartment booklet” with rules and instructions inside the apartment. You can find the “standards and requirements” in our COVID page in Any doubt or question please contact us.
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Inside our properties

  • All our properties have alcohol gel at the entrance as well as  liquid soap dispensers, or bar of soap, available in all bathrooms. Please wash your hands thoroughly when entering the house.
  • We have removed most carpets, cushions and other decorative items. We understand that these items make the home more welcoming but they are more difficult to keep disinfected.
  • All of our properties are cleaned and disinfected according to the recommendations of Turismo de Portugal and the Portuguese Health Authorities. During your stay, please keep the space clean and safe for your family. All properties have cleaning and sanitizing items.
  • If there is a problem that requires assistance inside the property, a member of our team can come to the apartment, always with your permission. During the period of stay inside the property, all people (staff and guests) must wear a mask.
  • Consider leaving at least 1 window open for air circulation.
  • Use common spaces only for what is necessary and always using a mask. Keep social distance.
  • Consider leaving your shoes at the entrance to the property.


The departure day / check-out day

  • If it doesn’t rain, leave some of the windows open for air renovation / ventilation.
  • Do not leave food in the refrigerator or on the kitchen counter.
  • Leave the keys inside the house, on the living room table (never in the door lock) and close the door. Please check that the door is properly closed by pushing it out. Send us a message indicating that you have already left the apartment.

Suspected COVID case

  • If you have the following symptoms:
    • Cough
    • Fever
    • Breathing difficulty
  • Please contact us immediately:
    • Telephone: +351 938 210 212 or +351 964 691 423 (Telephone and WhatsApp)
    • Email: or
  • Contact the “Health line 24” at 808 24 24 24. This number only works from a Portuguese number. If you do not have a Portuguese number, please contact us so that we canassist in placing your call and translate if needed.
  • In case you have to stay in isolation, an extension of your stay may be necessary. The costs of this extension will have to be borne by the guest, as we will need to cancel existing reservations or block the apartment