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COVID 19 and your stay

Given the unprecedented disruption to travel due to COVID 19 here are the things you need to know…

  1. Portugal is safe – In the beginning of the year 2021 Portugal had an outbreak of high intensity of COVID. After very difficult times, thanks to the good pace of vaccination, the country entered a phase of consistent decline in the curve of new infections and a reduction in hospitalized and intensive care patients.
  2. Portugal starts to come to normal life – With the control of the Covid-19 pandemic starting to be done according to the rate of vaccination of the Portuguese population, and without differentiated measures for the different municipalities of mainland Portugal, the deconfinement plan provides three different phases for the process of liberating society, progressively and gradually:


    • End of traffic restrictions on public roads from 23:00.
    • Telework is no longer mandatory and is now recommended across the continent.
    • Restaurants can now be open until 2:00 am, the maximum number of people per group is now six inside and ten on the terraces and customers are required to present vaccination certificates or negative tests on every Friday night, weekends and holidays.
    • Reopening of entertainment equipments, such as carousels and traveling games, as long as they comply with the authorities’ rules.
    • Reopening of bars and clubs subject to the rules applied to restaurants.
    • No more time restrictions for commerce.
    • Public is again allowed at sporting events, with rules defined by the authorities.
    • Weddings and baptisms with a capacity limit of 50%.
    • Cultural events with an audience of up to 66% of the space capacity and with opening hours until 2:00 am.


    • It is no longer mandatory to wear a mask in public outdoor spaces.
    • Restaurants, cafes and patisseries are now limited to eight people per group inside and 15 per group on terraces.
    • Public services are back to service without mandatory appointment.
    • Public transport no longer has capacity limits.
    • Cultural events with audiences up to 75% of the maximum capacity.
    • Weddings and baptisms with up to 75% of the space where they take place.
  1. Taxis and Uber operate normally (a mask is required) and the levels of public transport (metro, buses, boats and trains) have been increased to allow for better social distance.
  2. Mandatory mask use: for all those who circulate or remain in public spaces and roads and whenever the physical distance recommended by health authorities cannot be guaranteed. This rule applies to people aged 10 and over.
  3. Self-isolation is necessary when a suspected or confirmed infection occurs


  1. LV Premier homes are safe – At LVPremier we have implemented a very strict sanitation/ disinfection protocol- which follows recommendations by Portuguese/ European Health and Government authorities and Airbnb/ recommendations. This means that all apartments are professionally cleaned and disinfected, all high touch surfaces are disinfected again just before to check in. We reduced rugs and fabrics to a minimum, and implemented a weekly cleaning/disinfection of AC units. All linen is professionally laundered at high temperatures, and towels are  washed with an oxygen based disinfectant.

  2. Is Portugal requiring a quarantine?– Portugal does not have a requirement that anyone does self isolation, unless you tested positive/have symptoms of COVID or arrive from a country with more than 500 cases per 100 thousand people.   All visitors should consult the Portuguese foreign office regarding specific requirements/ restrictions.  Full information in English here
  3. How can I get to Portugal ? – All of the flag carriers and low cost carriers ( Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizz, Jet 2 etc) are flying, albeit with lower than normal summer capacity.
  4. Restrictions on land borders between Portugal and Spain have been lifted May 3rd.
  5. All passengers arriving in Portugal on flights originating in EU countries, from countries associated with the Schengen Area, from outside the EU must present a test with a negative result to COVID-19, carried out within 72 hours prior to the time of boarding. Check with your airline before boarding.
  6. Can I get Travel Insurance covering COVID?  Yes. (a partnership between Turismo de Portugal and a private insurance company) sells a relatively inexpensive travel insurance that covers medical costs and stay extensions due to COVID.  Other options may exist in your home country and will allow you to travel with confidence.
  7. Portugal Health Passport–  In addition to the EU health Insurance Card providing normal medical services for EU nationals, there are now a number of packages of medical services in the best private Portuguese clinics available, to give you additional peace of mind. Info here

  8. What is changing for the stay?
    1. Check in-  a mask/ face covering is needed  for check in. Hand disinfection is also requested upon entry of the property.  Self check in can be organized provided that client performs the check in online and provide us with a signed copy of the check in form prior to arrival
    2. In Stay Assistance– we continue to have our office in Lisbon open and our lines are the first step for assistance.  Should one of our staff or a contractor be needed for a repair all parties should use face mask
    3. Check out- self check out at agreed time is preferred.  If you require assistance we can do a in person check out
    4. Luggage storage. At this time bag storage  will be very limited and should be discussed prior to arrival.  In the event that we agree to hold your luggage, the external surfaces should be disinfected by the guest in our presence.

  9. What if I get COVID symptoms during the stay: Portuguese health authorities mandate that you call the national health line-  SNS 24 (808 24 24 24). They will triage the case and provide instructions about next steps.  You  also need to inform us (we can assist / translate with the SNS24 call).  Informing us will start our contingency plan as required by Portuguese authorities.

  10. We highly advise you to get travel insurance to cover for any disruptions to your travel.  As a small company, we will assist in everything we can, but we can not absorb the cost of extended stays due to disease and these should be handled by you or your travel insurance.

LV Premier Safe certifications:

    • Airbnb Committed to Clean-  we also joined the Airbnb “Committed to Clean” scheme, and follow the requirements which include exhaustive disinfection protocols
    • Clean and Safe- Portugal started a certification scheme for lodging establishments.  We apply the same protocol to all the properties.  The difference is that we keep PPE supplies (gloves, masks, thermometers etc) available at a  central location as opposed to being in the apartment as required for certification

Cleaning and sanitizing

We ensure the disinfection of the unit with special attention to high touch surfaces.  Where possible, common areas are also frequently disinfected.  We recommend frequent hand washing to reduce risk

Social distancing

We will and ask you to respect social distancing rules which recommend approx 2m distance.  This is in line with international health directives and will provide protection for all


Protection equipment

Our staff uses protection equipment for everyone’s safety.  Alcohol gel is made available inside the apartments.  We ask guests to comply with basic safety rules- using masks in common areas and frequent hand washing/disinfection.